Reusable bags: Encourage reuse with talking points, downloadable signs, and social media assets

TCRMM has developed talking points, downloadable print posters, and social media graphics and animations to help distributing agencies and organizations support the important “reuse” message of the reusable bags. Posters, along with graphics and animations for use on your organization’s Facebook and Instagram, can be view full-sized and downloaded by clicking the links under the below images.

TCRMM encourages distributing agencies to use the talking points about reusing the bags for in-person outreach. The talking points can also be adapted for use with the graphics/animations in social media messaging.

Talking points for reusable bag distribution and social messaging:

  • These reusable bags intended to help make reusable bags more accessible to all Tompkins County residents, and to reduce the need for single-use bags.
  • The durable bags are small enough to carry in your pocket, so you can bring your reusable bag every time you pick up groceries or any other activity that requires a bag.
  • Your bag is washable, so you can use it again and again. One reusable bag can replace over 1,500 single use bags.

Printable signs (links to full-size downloads under image)

11 x 8.5 Reusable bag print sign PDF

17 x 11 Reusable bag print sign PDF

Social media still graphics (links to download under graphics)

Facebook Post Reusable Bag
Facebook post, reusable bag
Instagram square, reusable bag
Instagram square, reusable bag
Instagram story, reusable bag

Social media animated graphics (links to download under animations)

Animated social square, reusable bag
Animated Instagram story, reusable bag