Curbside Recycling


Tompkins County contracts for county-wide curbside recycling on an every other week basis. Click "Find Your Recycling Day" above to show your scheduled collection day.

Single Stream Recycling
Paper & Containers…Mix it up!

For your convenience, you can now mix recyclable paper, glass, metal, and plastic containers in one bin.

Recycling is Easy:

  • Collect curbside recyclables in a recycling bin at home.
  • Place your recycling bin at the curb for your scheduled collection.
  • Bring your empty recycling bin back inside and continue to collect recyclables.


To View or Print Curbside Recycling Guidelines and Pick Up Schedule Click Here.


  • Cardboard & Mixed Paper
  • Glass Containers
  • Metal Cans & Foil
  • #1 Through #7 Plastic Containers
  • Paper Milk & Juice Cartons
  • Small Rigid Plastics


  • Plastic Bags
  • Styrofoam®
  • Drinking glasses, Pyrex®, or coffee pots
  • Paper cups, tissues, napkins
  • Syringes
  • Containers from hazardous waste
  • Compostable plastics
  • Hangers
  • PVC pipes

Please note that additional materials, such as appliances with Freon®, batteries, electronics, fluorescent bulbs, household hazardous waste, large rigid plastics, plastic bags, scrap metal, textiles, and tires can be recycled at the Recycling & Solid Waste Center, but are not accepted for curbside collection. Permits are required for some materials. Fees may apply. Click here for more information.

Curbside Set-Out:  

Recyclables may be placed at the curb for collection in a:

  • County curbside recycling bin. Bins are available for sale at the Tompkins County Department of Recycling and Materials Management office.


  • Container that is no larger than 50 gallons, weighs no more than 40 pounds when full, and is clearly marked with an "R". This container may have a lid. "R" decals are available at the Department office, Wegmans, and local municipal offices.
  • Place recycling bins at the curb on your scheduled collection day with the "R" facing the road so the recycling collector can see it.


How to Prepare Recycling:

  • Empty and rinse all containers. Lids on containers and bottles are acceptable.
  • Flatten all cardboard boxes. Cardboard that does not fit in your recycling bin or container can be placed next to your recycling bin in a stack no larger than 4ft. X 4ft. X 1.5ft.
  • Do not use plastic bags to collect your recycling. 
  • If your recyclables are picked up on the same day as your trash, place your bin at least 2 feet from the trash so the recycling collector can easily see your bin.
  • Paper clips, staples, rubber bands, and plastic windows on envelopes and paper are OK.
  • Labels and neck rings on containers are OK.

Improperly prepared recyclables or unacceptable materials will be left in your bin with a note explaining why it was not collected.

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