Trash Tags

All trash set out for collection in Tompkins County must have a trash tag affixed to the bag or can. One tag is required for each weight denomination listed on the tag. Trash not collected may be left with a note explaining why it was not collected. In the City of Ithaca, residents may face a fine if uncollected waste is not removed. Click here to read the local trash tag law.

To receive trash collection services, Tompkins County residents and businesses must arrange for pickup with a Tompkins County licensed hauler.

The City of Ithaca and the villages of Cayuga Heights, Dryden and Trumansburg offer collection services for residents which would make privately contracting with a hauler unnecessary.

Trash tags are available at various locations throughout Tompkins County as well as by mail from each licensed hauler. To find out more about trash removal and where trash tags are available, see the list of licensed haulers in Tompkins County.

Please note: Trash placed in dumpsters does not require a trash tag.

For more disposal options in Tompkins County click here.

Remember to look for ways to reduce, reuse, and recycle items first before you throw them away in your trash.