Curbside Recycling: Winter tips to minimize weather delays, keep Curbside Recycling drivers safe

Worried that winter weather will cancel your regular Curbside Recycling pickup day?

While severe snow and ice may result in brief Curbside Recycling pickup delays, Tompkins County Recycling and Materials Management (TCRMM) strives to adhere to pickup schedules.

To help us ensure that your recyclables get picked up, we ask residents to set out recycling on their scheduled Curbside Recycling day, regardless of weather conditions.

Due to the varying severity of winter weather conditions throughout Tompkins County, it is not possible to predict when a recycling collection route might be completed, but here’s a few ways you can help Curbside Recycling drivers stay on schedule and safe during winter storms:

  • Place Curbside Recycling bins out for your scheduled day, regardless of weather conditions.
  • Keep your Curbside Recycling accessible by placing bins on level surface, such as end of cleared driveway; never place bins on top of large snow banks.
  • If possible, remove snow from around the bins so drivers can see and safely access the bins.
  • Secure materials to protect from windy conditions. Use a lidded bin or place paper recyclables underneath heavier jars or bottles in bin.
  • Avoid parking vehicles on both sides of narrow streets so that recycling trucks can safely access them.

We encourage residents to first check for for Curbside Recycling updates before calling the Recycling and Materials Management office. The “Find My Recycling Day” tool at allows residents to receive curbside recycling service alerts and pickup reminders and automatically adjusts for holiday collection. Enter the address and click “Get a Reminder.”

Residents also have the choice of bringing recyclables to the Recycling and Solid Waste Center at 160 Commercial Avenue in Ithaca. The hours are Monday thru Saturday from 7 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. There is no charge to drop off recyclables at the RSWC.