Info for Businesses: Plastic Bag Ban and Paper Bag Fee

Plastic Bag Ban and Paper Bag Fee
Beginning March 1st, plastic carryout bags will be banned in New York State. A local law in Tompkins County will also require businesses to charge a $.05 fee for all paper carryout bags so as to encourage the use of reusable bags. Please refer to the following graphics (available here as a PDF). ReBusiness Partners are welcome to use these graphics for their own purposes.
What do Businesses Need to Know?

Since the plastic bag ban is a state law, information about the law should be found at the New York State Department of Evironmental Conservation website for manufacturers and retailers.

How do Businesses Handle the $.05 Paper Bag Fee?

All businesses covered by the plastic bag ban must also charge a five-cent fee for paper bags in Tompkins County. The money from these fees must be reported to the state. Details are available at the NYS Department of Taxation and Finance website.