ReBusiness Spotlight: The Watershed Serves Up Sustainability

Nestled just off the beaten path on the West side of the historic State Theatre of Ithaca, The Watershed is a bar and gathering space serving Ithacans and visitors seven days a week. Aside from serving cocktails and appetizers, the Watershed recognizes the escalating dangers of climate change and aims to lessen the bar’s impact on the environment by reducing waste and recycling as much as possible. Recently, the Watershed worked with the ReBusiness Partners team to conduct a waste assessment and develop strategies for further waste reduction. The team calculated that The Watershed is diverting approximately 98% of its waste! They’re able to accomplish this by offering reusable serviceware such as cloth napkins; refusing to offer single-use straws; bringing additional recyclables to the RSWC; and even recycling their wine corks by mail.

Join the hundreds of other businesses in Tompkins County that have taken part in the ReBusiness Partners program. Is your business interested in reducing waste? Contact us today at

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