TCRMM in Ithaca Festival Parade

The Ithaca Festival Parade is a hallmark event for the Ithaca community, with floats celebrating every aspect of what makes Ithaca unique. For 2019, the festival’s theme was “Full STEAM Ahead,” commemorating the importance of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics in education. The engineering component of the theme worked well with a Recycle Right message for the Recycling and Materials Management (RMM) float.

A department pickup truck with Rot N’ Roll playing in the truck bed led the procession. Banners hanging from the sides of the truck asked spectators “What goes in your recycling bin?” Marchers dressed as acceptable and unacceptable curbside recycling items followed, carrying green checkmarks and red Xs. The Yes’s included acceptable plastics, cardboard and paper, and metal cans and foil. The No’s included Styrofoam and plastic bags and films.