Plastic Free July is here!

The following text comes from a NYS DEC newsletter.

Join millions of people around the globe in celebrating Plastic Free July by reducing the number of single-use plastics used throughout the month of July. Taking small steps together to reduce or refuse single-use plastics help create a collective positive impact for the planet and our communities. Less waste means less litter, decreased costs to towns and cities that must haul and manage our waste, as well as conservation of natural resources.

Ways to participate in Plastic Free July:

  • Start small – Participating in Plastic Free July doesn’t mean you need to overhaul your life or spend money. Contact your favorite brands and let them know you’d like to see refillable products offered.
  • Discover items you may be able to reduce the use of by taking the Pesky Plastics Quiz. After taking the quiz, select an item to reduce or refuse for the month or try a new item each week.
  • Register to take the Plastic Free July challenge.
  • Support local businesses that have refill and reuse options by choosing to shop at their establishments if and when possible and leaving them a positive review or a shout out on social media.
  • Opt Out – “Skip the Stuff” – When dining out or ordering takeout, you can let food service staff know you’d like to skip plastic straws, plastic cutlery, or condiment packets if you do not need these items.
  • Learn about businesses offering reuse options in the areas of food service, retail, and shipping and packaging.
  • Start any time – Things too busy right now? You don’t have to wait until next July to commit to reducing the amount of single-use plastics in your life. Start planning plastic free goals for September or any month of the year to re-focus your attention to choosing less single-use plastic in your life whenever possible.