Awareness and Gratitude for Recycling this November

November 15 is America Recycles Day (ARD), a nationally recognized day dedicated to bringing awareness to and energizing recycling across the United States. During this celebration, we are encouraged to recognize the importance and impact of recycling and to take steps towards solutions that help to address the challenges of recycling today and protect the environment. America Recycles Day is the perfect time to be extra conscious about recycling right. No matter if you are at home, on the go, in the office or at school, you can reduce, reuse and recycle right in honor of America Recycles Day.

Ways to Join the Celebration

  • Get involved by taking the pledge
  • Avoid contaminating the recycling stream. Check with your local recycling program on what materials are acceptable to put in your recycling bin.
  • Get involved in local ARD events. Be sure to follow all safety guidelines.

Later this month, as we prepare for Thanksgiving, a great way to show gratitude for the resources we have is to do our best to keep waste at a minimum. 

Reduce the Chances of Wasting Food

Reduce, Reuse & Recycle

  • If you’re short on plates, cups or utensils, you could borrow from a friend or family member to avoid single-use items.
  • Know your local recycling program rules. Recycle right with properly labeled and accessible trash and recycling bins.
  • Be sure that recyclables are free of food and liquids and paper and cardboard are dry.

The traditional Thanksgiving meal can include many commonly recycled items, such as empty aluminum cans from cranberry sauce, paperboard boxes and glass jars from other ingredients and foods. Find out what materials your local recycling program accepts and make sure to recycle right with gratitude in your heart this Thanksgiving.