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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Feb. 16th, 2021 Changes Coming to the Recycling and Solid Waste Center Starting March 1st, 2021, the Tompkins County Recycling and Solid Waste Center will be operated under a new contract with Casella Recycling. Changes under the new contract include: Plastic Bags and Films will no longer be accepted for recycling. Clean…(Read More)

For Immediate Release: February 11th, 2021 Recycling collection has been made difficult in recent days due to the buildup of snow on roads and sidewalks in the more densely-settled areas of Tompkins County. Residents are reminded that they have a role to play in keeping their recycling bins accessible for collectors. Please remember to…(Read More)

For Immediate Release: February 5th, 2021 Old Disposal Punch Cards Will Be Accepted Through April Since January 1st, 2021 disposal punch cards used at the Recycling and Solid Waste Center cost $15 and have a blue background. Orange punch cards left over from previous years can still be used for a limited time. The last…(Read More)

The following letter to the editor was issued on February 2nd, 2021. Recycling is our state’s greatest team effort. Millions of New York residents, including here in Tompkins County, set out approximately three billion pounds of newspapers, magazines, cardboard boxes, plastic bottles, and metal cans for curbside pick-up and…(Read More)

Unacceptable recycling set outs will be rejected. For Immediate Release: January 25th, 2021 In recent weeks, recycling collectors have noticed an uptick in curbside recycling contamination, with Styrofoam, plastic bags, and paper towels and tissues identified as the most common culprits. These items are NOT accepted in the curbside recycling stream and bins containing them…(Read More)

As of January 1st, 2021, trash disposal punch cards used at the Recycling and Solid Waste Center cost $15 and have a blue background. If you have any orange punch cards leftover from previous years, there’s still time to keep them from going to waste. Unused punch cards, meaning punch cards with all 5…(Read More)

Take the NYS DEC 30 Day Wasted Food Challenge We look at January 1st as a new chapter, a time to start fresh. However, if you find the idea of drafting up a new list of New Year’s resolutions a bit too abstract, our 30-day wasted food challenge might be a fit, focusing…(Read More)

(Ithaca, NY) – In case you missed it, the Tompkins County Department of Recycling and Materials Management announced earlier this month that the following fee changes that will take effect beginning January 1st, 2021. Trash disposal punch cards, which are used to pay for the disposal of 5 bags or cans of trash, will now…(Read More)

Tompkins County residents can bring Christmas trees and wreathes and other kinds of yard waste to the Recycling and Solid Waste Center (a solid waste permit and fees are required). Click below to see what options your municipality offers.…(Read More)

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Clearing Up Holiday Recycling Confusion This year, lighten your holiday celebrations by reducing waste and recycling right! Check the Tompkins County Curbside Recycling Guidelines (twice!), and use the following tips as you prepare for the season’s festivities and clean-up afterwards.  Curbside recycling collection normally scheduled for Friday, December 25th…(Read More)